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Authorized Apple Store in Lekki

Are you looking for an authentic and authorized Apple store that can make your life easier? The AppleYard, the No.1 Authorized Apple store located in Lekki, is the perfect gadget shop with a vast collection of useful gadgets at the most attractive prices in Nigeria! At TheAppleyard, you can get all your desired gadgets made by Apple for the best price – iphones, macbook, ipads, airpods, smart watches, and many more!

Quality is something where TheAppleYard makes no compromise. So whichever gadget you’re getting we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the quality. Besides, you can get your desired Apple products delivered to your doorstep in the safest possible way or you can pick it up from our outlet by yourself if you want to ensure the highest quality. So hurry up and visit TheAppleYard now – one of the most reliable and highly authorized Apple gadget store in Lekki, Nigeria!

Order for Latest iPhones & iPads

Our online store also offers you the best mobile device products from Apple. Want to find out the latest iphones & ipads from the stable of Apple? You can pre-order from our online store. Discover other products such as mac book, apple pencil, apple track pad, and many more. Start online shopping now.

Online Shop for Smartwatches

Looking for a reliable and authorized smartwatch shop to step up your style and lifestyle? Look no further. TheAppleYard got you covered! TheAppleYard – the most approved online shop for smartwatches in Nigeria! Smartwatches are one of the most sought-after accessories in the market. They can not only step up your style but also boost your lifestyle by working as a smart lifestyle and fitness partner!
Keep track of your health, fitness goals, and all your notifications in the smartest way with high-quality smartwatches from popular brands. You can order everything online and get your orders delivered to your doorstep or you can visit our store for convenient pick-ups or spot purchases. Hurry up and visit TheAppleYard now – one of the most reliable and highly approved online shops for smartwatches in Lagos, Nigeria!
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